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Princess Diana’s “Mr. Wonderful” Steps Out Before Film Premiere

Big Screen Version: Naomi Watts as Princess Diana and Naveen Andrews as Hasnat Khan   By Kaitlynn Smith Hasnat Khan, 54 seen below leaving his East London home yesterday, looks casual and conservative as his previous relationship is brought to the spotlight once again. Khan, a Pakistani surgeon was in a two year relationship with Princess Diana that ended weeks before her death. article-0-1B9FE676000005DC-786_308x427 The two met when Diana was visiting a friend’s husband at the hospital Khan worked at. The heart surgeon who won the heart of Princess Diana as the two became involved. Diana who was featured in SHE’s inaugural issue last September, even gave him the nickname “Mr. Wonderful.” Khan spoke out about their relationship to the Daily Mail and openly proclaims his disapproval for the film that chronicles their affair. “You could just tell from that picture that it is all just presumed about how we would behave with each other, and they have got it completely wrong,” Khan states. He continues, “It is based on gossip and Diana’s friends talking about a relationship that they didn’t know much about, and some of my relatives who didn’t know much about it, either,” Their two year relationship is the subject of the film “Diana” based on Kate Snell’s 2001 book entitled “Diana: Her Last Love” is premiering in the UK tonight with a wide release in October. The film stars Naomi Watts as Diana and Naveen Andrews as Hasnat Khan.

The film’s producers continually tried to get his support which he denied saying, “‘I haven’t spoken to anyone involved in that movie. I have never given my approval for it.” He vows to never see the film after seeing a poster for the movie he argues it is “completely wrong” and based on “cruel lies.”

The pair split only two weeks before her death as the book suggests her relationship with Dodi Fayed who died with her in the car crash, was only a ruse to make Khan jealous. On a sombre note, Khan imagines what could have been ‘She [Diana] could be living very happily and married and having more kids, with me or with someone else. “It could have led in that direction. I try not to think about these things. I can’t change anything now.”

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