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Paparazzi Curses At Suri Cruise

By Harpreet Brar What better way to get the attention of your favourite celebrities (and favourite celebrity's children)? Call them insulting names, obviously. It seems that even a 7-year-old can't always be nice to the paparazzi. Over the weekend, Suri Cruise, daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, became victim to swarming paparazzi in New York City as they gave her little to no space. When Cruise yelled, "Stop it!" to photographers and fans seeking autographs, it was clear the poor girl was losing her patience. Cruise, her friend, and her mother attempted to walk calmly to their vehicle and Cruise can also be heard telling the swarmers to "get out of the way". This prompted a photographer to growl, "She's a b**ch...a little brat kid. A little brat." Yep, they curse at children now. In this generation, even the child of a celebrity (who hasn't exactly done anything relevant lately) does not have any privacy. Unfortunately, we can't see this invasion of privacy going away anytime soon. With the likes of social media and paparazzi, the lives of celebrities (and their kids, and their dogs, and their dog's kids) remain heavily accessible. The question is, why does the population care?

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