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Pakistan Fashion Extravaganza Toronto: A Quick Look

Last weekend Toronto was host to the annual Pakistan Fashion Extravaganza fashion show which was held at Pearson Convention Center. The show kicked off in Manchester, traveled to London and then held its finale in Toronto. The show first surfaced in 2009 in London as a way to bring Pakistani fashion to the forefront of the international fashion scene. Since then it has been extended to Manchester and this year to Toronto.  The show featured top notch local and international designers from Pakistan such as Mehdi and Umar Sayeed, along with Pakistani supermodels to walk the show amongst local models. Here is a snippet of some of the looks from the show:

Mehdi's Bridal Couture opened the show.

Jumpsuit with a traditional twist by Farhan and Ambreen.

Precious Collection by Maira.

Faru & Mehru's Haute Couture.

Shazia Kiyani

Menswear by Umar Sayeed.

Another one of Mehdi's gorgeous couture pieces.

Closing the show with a finale by Umar Sayeed.

  Images courtesy of MMMK Productions.

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