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NYC Fashion’s Night Out Cancelled

Can't say we're too upset about this one. A joint decision was made by Vogue, the CFDA and NYC & Co to put the annual event on hiatus as of 2013. Fashion's Night Out started in 2009 in an effort to get people shopping and restore consumer confidence during the recession, yet over the years that FNO has taken place, some were left wondering if a night designated for shopping was turning into an excuse to drink free Prosecco and stalk industry celebs. CFDA CEO Steven Kolb was quoted saying “I don’t think the success of [FNO] was measured only by numbers or money, but was really about engagement." Engagement doesn't seem to be enough of a motivating factor for brands, both big and small to invest in an event on Fashion's Night Out. Celebrity appearances, PR involvement and all that free booze doesn't come cheap. Instead companies will focus on smaller events throughout the year in order to increase customer interaction and brand awareness. Fashion's Night Out: The Show - Runway FNO has always avoided being called a "sale" with retailers largely discouraged from offering markdowns or discounts in an effort to get people to buy at full price, further resulting in lackluster profits. Here at SHE, we're quietly joyous about this development, as FNO has swelled into a phenomenon too big for its own good. We're tired of bloggers-of-the-moment gallivanting through the Madewell store with a glass of Champagne and of smaller designers being left out in the cold because they aren't able to afford a big splashy event. Fashion's Night Out was made to be an event for everyone, but as big brands continue to nudge out the little guys, it becomes less about shopping and brand awareness and more about the circus that fashion seems to be turning into these days.

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