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Mom Sues Justin Bieber for Hearing Loss

By: Myrtle Jurado Isn't it just common knowledge that concerts are extremely loud? Doesn't everybody know that when you combine current teen-heartthrobs (aka Justin Bieber) and teenaged girls, it entices screams from every corner of a stadium? Apparently, Stacey Wilson wasn't aware of how loud it would be when she took her daughter to Justin Bieber's concert on July 14, 2010 -- she's suing him for $9M! Her reasoning? Well, she suffered severe hearing loss, tinnitus, and hyperacusis in both ears. Her complaint states that "Mr. Bieber created a wave-like effect of screaming by pointing into various sections of the arena. Then enticed the crowd into a frenzy of screams by continuously waving his arms in a quick and upward motion, whereas I was struck with a sound blast." Really? But weren't you at a concert? Guess these are just the types of problems that arise when you're the Biebs, huh? He just can't catch a break. This is a little too reminiscent of the man who sued McDonald's for making him fat.  

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