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Justin Bieber on the cover of Teen Vogue–is this the best timing?

By: Ingrid Kwong Teen Vogue has just announced Justin Bieber, the troubled, young Canadian heartthrob, will be its May cover star. Bieber, 19, has been the focus of much negative media attention this year, has been accused of assault, threatened the paparazzi, cancelled shows, and is now at risk of facing criminal charges for spitting on his neighbour. It is very unexpected of Teen Vogue, which usually tries to feature ‘good role models’ and shies away from controversy. Teen Vogue is most likely hedging on Bieber’s recent troubled behaviour to sell on newsstands, with headlines calling out ‘Justin’s Crazy Year’. In 2010, the magazine featured Miley Cyrus as its cover model and stirred controversy, with readers commenting how disappointed they were with the magazine. Only time will tell how the May issue will play out. Will Teen Vogue’s gamble payoff, or will it backfire? bieber-teen-vogue02

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