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Juggan Kazim Adds ‘Designer’ To Her Resume

A multi-faceted beauty with a string of accomplishments listed on her resume, SHE cover girl Juggan Kazim can now add another title to her repertoire. Starting this April, the fashionable ladies of Lahore, Pakistan will be able to peruse through her designs at her store on Lahore’s ‘it’ street, M. M. Alam Road. The store is named after the designer/actor/host/model/columnist and will offer a fusion of eastern wear based on  the fast fashion model of international retailers like Zara and H&M. Juggan knows her fashion for sure. As a celebrity always in the public eye, she says she hasn’t repeated an outfit in the past seven years. The store will have different sections depending on the type of clothing it houses. Basically, as a customer, Juggan says that she faced a lot of issues when buying pret, she’s put all that experience into use, making sure customers who walk into her store have a seamless shopping experience. Talking to a Pakistani newspaper, the actress said that while she did not design her collection, she is very much in-charge of the creative process, putting together ‘a fantastic team’ from the industry responsible for the fare at her store. We look forward to what she has in store for us. Juggan Kazim was SHE Canada cover girl for our August/September 2015 issue. Juggan Kazim SHE Canada

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