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International Day of Pink: Anti-Bullying Day, April 8

Today is The international Day of Pink where communities across the country come together to rally against all forms of bullying. It is estimated that 9.4 million Canadians will wear pink to school, work, and in their communities today to raise awareness against bullying and discrimination. Laureen Harper, wife of PM Stephen Harper said, "I will be wearing pink. I hope all Canadians, especially young Canadians, will join me, because one small act of kindness can help someone realize they are not alone." An official press release states, "Laureen is not alone, almost every Premier, Lieutenant Governor and Minister of Education is a Day of Pink Ambassador, joined by other politicians, and community leaders like Rick Mercer." Check out all their messages for Day of Pink here: dayofpink.org/2015/01/26/day-of-pink-quotes/ Wishing our readers a safe and hopeful Day of Pink!

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