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How to Meet Kim Kardashian

  One of our zealous interns Amanda McGinn is a die-hard Kim K fan! And of course when the opportunity came to meet Kim K here in Toronto for the launch of her jewelry line at The Bay, Amanda immediately started planning for the big day. Here is a first-hand account of the arduous and questionably fulfilling process one has to go through to meet the double K:              Kim Kardashian is my favorite celebrity to date, therefore I was willing to do anything to meet her when she came to The Bay in Toronto. To be eligible to meet Kim K it was required that each fan purchase jewelry from her line Belle Noel, worth $50.00 or more. I began my journey by going to The Bay five days before the appearance to ensure I could purchase my design of choice. I ended up choosing a simple long wish bone necklace that could compliment a number of different outfits. Nonetheless, the sales assistant informed me that I would not be able to purchase the merchandise on that particular day because it was not during the “promotional sale time” and requested me to purchase the item a few days later. Discouraged, I placed the necklace on hold and traveled back to The Bay (a 45 minute subway ride) four days later to pick up the item that was my ticket to meet Kim.   The day of the meet and greet I arrived at the venue seven hours early to ensure a good spot. Unfortunately, 100 other people had come earlier (the first girls arriving at 3:30 am), so I was placed in the “unsure line”. This line was for the “others” who weren’t guaranteed to meet her. Throughout the day hundreds of girls swarmed the venue, bringing books, shoes, hats, clothing, jewelry and novels that the Kardashians had endorsed previously that year in hopes that Kim would sign. After seven hours of engaging with others, talking about our favorite Kardashian, how we think Kim will look and what will happen when Kim arrives, it was time to meet Kim. Unfortunately for her fans, Kim arrived fifteen minutes late. When she arrived it was extremely disheartening due to the fact that the “fan” line was positioned in an area where we could barely catch a glimpse of her. This was due to the extensive amount of security and unnecessary walls that were placed on both sides of Kim, solely allowing the press to take pictures of her. After meeting with the “guaranteed” 100 fans, Kim agreed to meet with “the others”. All of my peers around me were ecstatic jumping up and down that our idol did not disappoint us. Having my camera in one hand and my favorite photograph in the other for her to sign; I was ready to meet Kim. However, to my dismay, both items were taken away by her security team while I was being patted down to ensure I had no weapons. Extremely disappointed I walked up to the podium where Kim was sitting on a pedestal signing a picture of herself. Nervous and unsure, I slowly walked up, and with a bright smile Kim said “hi”. Anxiously, I asked her if I could have a hug because “she was so great” and without a pause she said “of course”. Thrilled that she was so kind I walked away with big smile on my face. However, after our meeting, Kim disappointingly left ten minutes early, resulting in her appearance being cut from sixty minutes to forty.  Thus, after going to The Bay twice to purchase jewelry, waiting in line for seven hours and meeting my favorite celebrity for thirty-seconds, I still think that it was worth the wait. I would do it all over again. Here are some pictures I managed to take from my "sweet" vantage point...

There she is!

And there I am!

  So there you have it, Amanda's journey to meet her idol - would you do it? By Amanda McGinn and Saima Hasan

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