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Holy Yeezus! Two Unlikely Attendees At Kanye’s Concert in Brooklyn

By: Emily Durham This Tuesday in Brooklyn, New York, thousands of avid supporters of the ever so confident (and newly engaged) Kanye West gathered at the Barclays Center for his Yeezus Tour. Among the roaring crowds of people were two very unlikely attendees. Vogue's Anna Wintour and Grace Coddington were enjoying their time (and Instagraming photos in) the VIP box for the evening. Harper’s Bazaar‘s Laura Brown posted a picture of Coddington's fiery red hair, and it was revealed in other pictures that the two were seated next to each other. Now, we love Kanye as much as the next angst-filled teenager but these fashion queens do not exactly come across as your typical Kanye fans...leading us to wonder if they attended with other intentions. Perhaps is there a collaboration in the future (will we see Kimye and baby North on the next cover?) or maybe after being mentioned so often in Kanye's lyrics, they felt a cameo was in order. Whether or not Coddington and Wintour attended with business in mind, or to simply enjoy the music, we will be sure to keep our eyes and ears open for any word on a potential collaboration between Vogue and Kanye!


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