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Hina Rabbani Khar-Crazy for Khar

Hina Rabbani Khar-Crazy for Khar   As a busy politician and mother of two, it would seem that Hina Rabbani Khar, the youngest and first female Foreign Affairs Minister of Pakistan, would not have time for fashion?but this is hardly the case. Branded a fashion icon within days of taking office, Khar has been spotted in the latest trends, sporting the most exclusive brands. Khar has  been compared to other stylistas in the political arena such as Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton.   Often spotted with an Hermés Birkin bag that she carries on official business and over-sized Roberto Cavalli shades, Khar has people praising her impeccable sense of style. But such overt display of wealth has not gone without critics who feel that her choice of dress and buzz worthy looks maybe making light of her role in Pakistan as a political leader. During an official visit to New Delhi in March, her aim was to revive relations in the country but much of the media focus of her visit was on her wardrobe. The press had little to in regards to her politics and instead gushed about her latest accessories, which has some people thinking that Khar may be out of touch with the conservative and financially less-fotunate population she is responsible for governing. However, although she is extravagant in her attire, she manages to maintain a conservative balance that shows she is aware of her role as a leader of a Muslim state. While on her visit, Khar remained covered the entire time except for one day when she wore open-toed sandals that became great fodder for the press.   Lahore-based designer, Honey Waqr, who has designed for Khar before, says the fashion-savvy politician is very aware of brands and how to properly accessorize a look, something Waqr has not seen in other political leaders. Khar’s signature are her stylish pearl earrings and necklace that she is ubiquitously photographed wearing. She is also known for her colourful headscarves and elaborately detailed clothing. One thing she is sure to avoid is form-fitting clothing, instead opting for flowing tops and long skirts. Known for her monotone pant suits,   Photographed with President Obama and the First Lady earlier this year, Khar sported a crisp blue suit and matching veil and added a pop of colour to the look by accessorizing with a purple clutch. Rabbani Khar once again showed off her style when she met French President Nicholas Sarkozy. Decked out in a subdued yellow printed-dress, a black headscarf and her wardrobe staples- pearls and Birkin bag, (which can cost up to $100,000 US), Rabbani Khar showcased her chic yet modest look. Known to wear designers such as Louis Vuitton, Prada and Salvatore Ferragamo, Rabbani Khar also sports items from Karachi-based designers such as Huma Adnan and Lahore-based designer Fahad Hussayn.   Despite her popularity amongst the fashion-forward population, Khar wants her politics to outshine her glamourous outfits and is not happy when questioned about her fashion choices. She told the media that the focus should not be on what she wears but on the more important worldly issues she sets out to change in the political realm andonce scolded the media for their behaviour in regards to her fashion sense: “You see paparazzi are everywhere. Besides, you (referring to media) should not do such acts," Khar said, in reply to a question about her being photographed for her fashion and not her politics at the Lahore airport. Either way the public cannot help but notice that Hina Rabanni Khar is on the world’s best dressed list, setting her apart from her political counterparts..

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