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First Pierre Cardin Show in Over a Decade

By: Maria Pospelova On Tuesday, November 26th, one of the most famous fashion veterans, 91-year-old Pierre Cardin, had arranged his first Haute Couture show in the last seventeen years. The respectable couturier has been a part of the fashion industry for decades since the age of 14, and celebrated sixty years since his first show just recently. Due to well-deserved recognition Pierre Cardin is a designer who can afford the luxury of ignoring world-established fashion show schedules.  “I staged fashion shows for 60 years of my life, and now I want to stand on my own, to show when I feel like it” Cardin shared with WWD. The venue for the show was Maxim’s Restaurant in Paris that is currently owned by the designer himself. The chic interior with over a hundred years of history made for the percect intimate setting for the show. Cardin was sitting in the front row and was making his personal comments regarding the cocktail and evening pieces for both men and women during the 40-minute presentation. The collection itself is colourful, and rich with futuristic details and geometric cuts. Complex collar designs were blended with simple and loose looks using silk and materials decorated with sequins. “This is a modern collection, nothing too tight at the waist, no buttons or tricky details. It’s free, as free as people and fabric should be” Cardin described the ideology behind the collection to WWD after the show. 3b5bf955e073a24786359dc185181932

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