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Fashion Designer JJ Valaya Reveals His Flare for Photography

JJ Valaya is, without a doubt, a brilliant fashion designer. His career has spanned decades, and both his ready-to-wear and luxury lines have enjoyed great success in India and around the world. What many of us don't know however, is that JJ Valaya is also an accomplished photographer. In an exhibition titled Decoded Paradox, which served as the designer's public announcement of his love and aptitude for photography, Valaya juxtaposed images of the same city in two different periods of time, creating a striking contrast. For Valaya, photography was a passion even in his days at NIFT, and after finding that he was directing other photographers too much, he began shooting his own ad campaigns. Decoded Paradox showcased haunting black and white images that called forth both the opulence and vulnerability of India. The couturier's touch is ever evident in the meticulous attention to detail and the emphasis on the garments and jewels of the subjects.

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