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Courage Was Born – Malala Yousafzai Speech

  The meaning Malala Yousafzai speaking up in New York today-- July 12th 2013-- was profound.
    The brave, 16-year-old Pakistani girl who was nearly killed by a Taliban sniper last year has been given the opportunity to give a moving speech on her life changing experience, her struggles and her drive to grow from her situation. She speaks on behalf of others, raising their voices for their rights, as they are struggling for peace, education and equality.       “I'm just one of them. The right to live in peace.” – says Yousafzai       She explains that when she was stalked by the Taliban and shot she knew they thought it would silence them all, but that failed. She says “ They thought they would change my ambitions but nothing changed in my life.”       This young girl has grown the courage to speak up about her battle and her aspiration to move forward in her life and fight back by becoming a platform for social justice and the right to education.       Malala announced receiving $45,000 in charity towards the Pakistani girls school was the happiest day of her life.       The charity organization will not be announced for security reasons as they want to offer these girls a safe place to study.  

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