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Wedding Photography à la iPhone

Indian weddings are known for their beautiful and colourful ceremonies filled with hundreds of guests and food. It's a day you wouldn't want to forget and like most couples, you hire a photographer to capture each moment. Like most of us, we expect our photographers to show up with their own DSLRs and tripods with other equipment. But for photographer Stephi Bergerson, that wasn't the case. Sephi-Bergerson-20151122_13 Bergerson took the challenge to shoot an entire Indian wedding strictly with his iPhone 6s camera. It has been a dream of his to do and finally he found a couple that was willing to take on the challenge. He feels like it's not about the equipment that makes the photo, it's all about how you felt in the moment. When you look back at a photo, you should be able to relive those exact feelings. The iPhone allows him to get closer to his subject and have more contact with them but with a DSLR, it's not as intimate. Sephi-Bergerson-20151122_201 From one challenge to the next, Bergerson is now planning to shoot a wildlife photography book called iKenya shot with his iPhone.   Image credits: Sephi Bergerson    

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