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Calling All Vintage Lovers!

By Liz Guber I am a self-proclaimed vintage clothing aficionado. If I had to guess, I would say that over half of my wardrobe consists of items previously loved by others. As a girl working in the fashion industry, shopping vintage allows me to wear one-of-a-kind, often designer items without breaking the bank. Imagine my excitement when I heard that 69 Vintage would be hosting a vintage shopping party, complete with music, drinks and even rumors of  late night dancing. Held at the 109 Oz presentation center, catered by Parts & Labour, and cheekily called One Night Stand, the night held great promise for vintage lovers all over the city. One Night Stand featured many of Toronto's key vintage retailers, Penny Arcade, Magwood, Philistine, hot newcomers Of A Kind and Bridge and Bardot as well as a host of independents, which are sure to grow into full-blown boutiques in the near future, largely due to exposure from events like this one. Every nook and corner was stuffed with clothing and accessories from every decade and price point. Racks of furs formerly belonging to someone's chic grandmother, 90s McQueen dresses and tables full of vintage boots and heels, the variety and quality of goods had me wishing I had multiples of myself to maximize my shopping. As the night wore on, herds of stylish girls were walking out with their arms full of vintage treasures, while others broke out into impromptu dance circles. The bar ran out of PBR (is anyone surprised? ) yet the crowd kept on shopping and partying as Madonna's Vogue blasted from the DJ booth, showing no signs of slowing down. I spotted Kealan Sullivan, owner of 69 Vintage, V and 69 Vintage Collective, a woman largely responsible for the vintage shopping boom Toronto has experienced. Ms Sullivan stole me away to a quieter spot behind the bar, where she shared her thoughts on the evening she made happen "its fun because there's a really huge community in Toronto, a lot of people don't quite get, and I've traveled a lot, how strong our vintage scene is here. It is a huge part of everyone's wardrobe, of everyone I know, and it influences style all around. So, we're lucky." When I asked her about the future of vintage for the city, she replied "there's a new generation coming up, there's a lot of talent, there's girls that are very dedicated. If that keeps up then Toronto will become like THE place to get some serious vintage shopping done." Judging from the night's event, it would seem that Toronto has already become that place. As I continued on my mission to find some great additions to my wardrobe, I waved at Rachel, owner of Penny Arcade, one of my favorite stores in the city. "Its been great, I actually just ran back to the store and got a bunch more stuff because our racks were getting really sparse!" she told me, adding, "there's so much diversity, its all in the spirit of fun, its a celebration of all the differences, but a mutual love of all things old and beautiful." After circling the space several times, leaving no rack unchecked I walked away with a black satin midi skirt, an embellished sweater, a cool black concho belt and a silver pistol bolo tie. Missed the event? Fear not, plans are underway to make One Night Stand a regular occurrence.    

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