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Bruno Mars takes Toronto by Storm with Moonshine Jungle World Tour

By Roxanne Bildan Now, don’t get me wrong, but I do like Bruno Mars. However, I have never been driven to attend his concerts. Initially, I had purchased my ticket for the Moonshine Jungle World Tour because I just really wanted to see Ellie Goulding. Little did I know six months prior to the concert that Ellie was only opening for the Moonshine Jungle World Tour and that the tickets were in fact for Bruno Mars’ acclaimed world tour. Therefore, I was quite nervous what to expect and feared that my money would have gone to waste. Honestly and truthfully, I know the entire lyrics to any hit single Bruno has ever sung. But, I guess, I never led myself to believe I was a hardcore fan. However, this man deserves all the fans in the world for his hard work--he is truly an inspiration. Starting off at an early age, Bruno Mars had a passion for music. At the age of five, he became a part of his family band in Hawaii and as the years flew by, Bruno Mars moved through the spheres of the music industry, working first as a producer with his team “The Smeezingtons,” which finally led him to taking his rightful place as one of the greatest entertainers in music history. He has won plenty awards, including a Grammy and continues to take the world of music by storm. On night one of his two date stop at Toronto's Molson Amphitheater, the Moonshine Jungle World Tour was opened by the talented, Ellie Goulding. As expected the show began at a rather high note with the 10 songs performed by Goulding. Certainly, a fan myself, it was not enough and once she had ended her last song, I expected that the entire show ended and that Bruno Mars could not possibly top her performance. Quite the contrary… Mars and his eight person band portrayed a smooth and forceful show that has not been seen on stage since the Motown days. Pizzazz is the one word that could easily describe the entire show. With the musical arrangements and choreographed dance moves, Bruno Mars exceeded my expectations, and the hour and a half flew by, leaving me with wanting more. Mars and his band did not miss a step and they made sure to keep the crowd entertained. The musical arrangement for Moonshine Jungle moved through different genres, from R ‘n B to Motown, and a little bit of rock n’ roll, I kid you not, my friends and I sung and danced our little hearts out to each and every song. We felt like we were living our Spice Girls days all over again. Playing all his singles as well as a number of new tracks from Unorthodox Jukebox, mixed with a combination of his skillful instrumental performances, Bruno Mars proved to his audience why he is regarded as one of the greatest entertainers of all time. His emotional performance and teary pause during “When I was Your Man,” touched his audience and not much could have gone wrong from then on. So, bravo Bruno Mars. Bravo, for being an inspiration for many struggling artists out there. Your passion for music allows us listeners to enjoy and feel your music. The music proves to show that old genre music can still be enjoyed today. Thank you Bruno for an incredible show. And believe me when I say this, that the next time I come to your concert, it will be because of you because I am officially a die-hard fan. You have truly captured my heart. Ellie Goulding’s Set List: Don't Say a Word Animal Figure 8 Hanging On My Blood Only You Anything Could Happen I Need Your Love Starry Eyed Lights ellie_goulding_hangout_festival6 Bruno Mars’ Set List: Moonshine Natalie Treasure Money It's What I Want / Billionaire Show Me?Candy Rain (cover) Our First Time / Pony Marry You If I Knew Runaway Baby Young Girls When I Was Your Man Grenade Just The Way You Are Locked Out Of Heaven Gorilla BrunoMars tumblr_mpk3ieFhXS1spcn33o1_500

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