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New Beyoncé Conspiracy Theory

Rumours around Hollywood never end, from cheating, to breakups to even death. Tabloids tend to publish anything to get either views or sales. Now there has been another crazy Hollywood rumour going around surrounding Beyoncé and little sister Solange. As crazy as it sounds people tend to believe anything they read. Now the rumour is a statement released by someone who knows Beyoncé’s cousin. This person claims she was told a family secret and it said it to her in confidence (why anyone would spread such secrets under the pretense of being a good friend is beyond us). The statement says that Beyoncé is the actually the mother of Solange, her 26 year old sister. Facts: according to sources Beyoncé was born in 1981, which would make her 5 years old when she got supposedly became pregnant with Solange, to make up for this obvious discrepancy according to someone in the Texas Health Department has said that Beyoncé’s actual year of birth is 1974 and if that source is to be believed it would make Beyoncé 37 or 38 years old and 14-15 when she supposedly got pregnant, which sounds a little bit more reasonable. The people that actually believe this are saying that the reason  this news was hidden was because her parents knew of her success and didn’t want to ruin her reputation. This crazy conspiracy is also goes on to use this information as a way to explain the singer's "child-bearing hips" I don’t know about you but this one just seems a little bit too over dramatic and a total lie, first the surrogate conspiracy and now this. Perhaps the world can't handle Beyoncé's privileged life, and enormous fame. When it comes to Mrs Carter, it seems there will always be some truly crazed and jealous people who will continue to feed conspiracy theories to a tabloid hungry public.

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