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Actress Tena Desae Suffers Burns on Set

    By: Harpreet Brar Actress Tena Desae has been severely burned from running through a blaze on set while shooting Manish Vatsalya’s film in Pune. Desae, SHE's May cover girl, was immediately rushed to the hospital following the incident and has been ordered an ample amount of bed rest while she recovers. The intensity of the burns has prompted the actress to take a break from filming as she is unable to wear her required ensembles for the film. Upon doing so, this will hopefully ensure a healthy and speedy recovery for Desae. Desae, best known for her role in The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, has a blindingly bright career ahead of her so we can only imagine this mini-break will serve her well in the long run. We wish Tena all the best while she recovers during this unfortunate time.    

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