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50th Anniversary of James Bond: Bond girls throughout the years

  Makers of the new James Bond movie, "Skyfall" have striven to combine old school values that have made 007 a success over the last 50 years. On Tuesday October 23rd, the 23rd official James Bond Film  premiered in London. Daniel Craig, the star of the show, made his third appearance at a 007 premiere.  Sam Mendes, British director who joined him,  made his franchise debut. Marking 50 years after the after the first bond film "Dr.No," premiered in London in 1962, "Skyfall" pays homage to Bond's gadgets, his taste in fast cars, and beautiful women. Throughout the years, we've been introduced to many beautiful bond girls. Here are some incredible actresses who were able to make these movies so addicting. Berenice Marlohe: 2012's Severine Berenice Marlohe enters the world of James Bond at a key moment in history. At age 33, with a husky voice, a killer accent, and a substantial build, she is no gamine. Unlike previous Bond Girls, Marlohe’s does not have a double-entendre-ish name. She is, simply, Sévérine. Eunice Gayson: 1960s "Dr.No" Eunice Gayson played Sylvia Trench and has the privilege of being the first bond girl in the series. In fact, we are introduced to Sylvia before we are introduced to James Bond. Bond encounters Sylvia at his local gambling club. Little is learnt about Sylvia Trench in "Dr. No" or when she reappears in From Russia With Love. The original idea was that Sylvia was to be a re-occurring character in all the Bond films, but this idea was scrapped when Goldfinger was filmed. Barbara Bach: 1970s "The Spy Who Loved Me" Major Anya Amasova played by Barbara Bach is the main Bond Girl of The Spy Who Loved Me. Major Anya Amasova is an excellent character.Throughout the film Anya and Bond play a game of trying to outsmart each other. Anya is equally as intelligent as 007, and in some scenes even smarter. The introduction of Major Anya Amasova into The Spy Who Loved Me launched a new style of Bond Girl. Anya was by no means dependent on Bond as she was totally independent. Unlike some previous Bond Girls, Anya was an extremely useful ally to Bond, who without her assistance 007 probably would not of been able to complete his mission. Denise Richards: 1990's "The World Is Not Enough" Dr. Christmas Jones played by Denise Richards is the final Bond Girl of The World Is Not Enough. Dr. Christmas Jones is a doctor in Atomic Physics. Christmas works for the International Decommissioning Agency helping to decommission surplus nuclear weapons in the former Soviet Union. She provides much needed assistance to Bond in defeating Renard and stops a nuclear incident occurring. The stunning Denise Richards does play the part of the intellectual and playful Dr. Jones well, but her relatively young age is not thoroughly convincing to make her a nuclear weapons expert.

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