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2012 USA Swim Team: Call Me Maybe?

By: Frances Du Shortly after the 2012 London Olympics Opening Ceremony, first time Olympian Missy Franklin tweeted a video link of the USA swim team belting out Carly Rae Jepsen’s contagious summer hit, Call Me Maybe. Now five days later it has nearly 3 million views on Youtube. Jepsen’s song has inspired celebrities (e.g. Justin Beiber, and Miley) and fans alike to create lip-syncing videos, fueling her sudden rise in popularity, but even if you’re sick of the bubblegum pop anthem, it’s worth checking out this version, which also features big names like Michael Phelps, and Ryan Lochte. We get to see their silly side and it’s another reminder of how the London 2012 Olympics are different from its predecessors: thanks to the rise of social media, fans are able to connect with their favourite athletes in an unprecedented way, offering some amazing behind-the-scene moments. Highlight of the video: Missy Franklin's dance moves!  

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