Spring Cleaning: DIY Projects To Keep You Organized

Spring isn't just warm weather, blue skies and tulips. Spring cleaning is a rite of passage too, the time we take to sweep under the furniture and replace shower curtains. However, when it comes to getting organized from the Winter clutter, it's not as easy as it sounds.  We love DIY ideas that are easy and promise to not only look good, but also help us go around our daily lives in an organized, clutter-free fashion. Some of our picks from Apartment Therapy: WallOrganizer2 Entryway Wall Organizer There are certain items that are always in our hands as soon as we walk through the door; keys, phone and our purse. By having an entryway wall organizer, you can have most of your to go items right in front of you without a hassle. It's also great for when you're coming home and you can easily place your keys or your hat in a place you know that won't move. 52e09719697ab03d1a005fe1._w.540_s.fit_ Felt Storage Bins When it comes to craft supplies, they're probably the hardest to keep in order. Especially when you have those very few supplies that you aren't ready to get rid of, this storage bin is the best place to put them. Easy and quick to make, this lined storage bin is sturdy enough for your supplies and keeps everything neat and tidy. 53065fc7dbfa3f6708000028._w.540_s.fit_ Leather Mail Organizer We can all be guilty of collection the mail and just scattering it on the nearest flat surface especially after a long day. The best solution is by making this leather mail organizer that takes up minimal space and helps you organize your mail with little effort. diy knife block vertical Drawer Knife Block This DIY takes a little bit more time and effort but the end results will last forever. Sometimes our cutlery can get mixed up or seems to go missing. This organizer keeps your knifes neat, tidy and safe and prevents them from going dull. 52f3cc56dbfa3f6f19001ef5._w.540_s.fit_ Vinyl Chalk Wall Organizer Classy and great for any room in the house, this wall organize can be wrote on with chalk!Which is great when it comes to labeling your items. It can easily be cleaned with soap and water and can be used to organize your toiletries to your hair accessories. By: Deidra Barton Credit :

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