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She wore what for Halloween?! Best Halloween costume this season worn by your favourite Hollywood and Bollywood stars


This Halloween season was definitely one to remember. All your favourite stars did not disappoint as they partook in spooky festivities this season. Starting off is the queen of Halloween, Heidi Klum and boyfriend Tom Kaulitz with their unforgettable portrayal of Shrek and Fiona. Year after year Heidi dresses in extraordinary costumes and this year was no exception.



Rita Ora surprised her fans at the Kiss Haunted house Party at Wembley's SSE Stadium when she came out in an almost lifelike Post Malone Costume! Looks like this year Rita is giving Heidi a run for her money as the Queen of Halloween.



Diana Penty arguably went out as herself this Halloween as she looks stunning in her Wonder Woman costume!



Singer Halsey took a trip to Gotham city for her Halloween costume portraying a beautiful Poison Ivy!


Is that Wednesday Addams or the gorgeous Sonam Kapoor?



Kim Kardashian went out this Halloween as a breathtaking angel!



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By: Emilio Llosa

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