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Yves Saint Laurent: Facebook-Inspired Eye Palette (Limited Edition)

By: Frances Du It’s been a rough summer for Facebook. However repeated poor showings on the stock market doesn’t seem to affect their surprising popularity with beauty brand giants like Yves Saint Laurent, (who have also drawn their fair share of public criticism after their new creative director, Hedi Simane, made the controversial decision to shorten the name to Saint Laurent, affecting its ready-to-wear and accessories line). The limited edition social media inspired eyeshadow palette boasts four shimmery shades: onyx, pearl, marine blue, and  purple, shades which can be found in Facebook’s minimalist and user-friendly interface. To purchase the product, customers can go directly to YSL Beauty’s Facebook page.


  Damien Vincent, the commercial director of Facebook France praises Yves Saint Laurent for being “modern and dynamic” and having “consumers [who know] the the heart of its marketing strategy.” And while it is a clever way for YSL to replace talk about the name-changing controversy with some light-hearted news, the partnership will have little effect on Facebook’s inability to generate revenue despite its 955 million active users. Ever since going public on May 19th, Facebook—initially listed as a company worth more than $100 billion—has lost more than 40% of its value. Despite how addictive it is to log on and check up on a friend’s status, the company hasn’t found a way to make money off of our unhealthy need to stay in touch with each other 24/7. Even CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s leadership skills have been called into question as people demand that he replace his hoodie and stiff demeanor with a suit and tie, or, you know, just step aside.

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