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Yves Saint Laurent Beauté introduces Google Glass make-up tutorials

With the technology race taking over the fashion world, YSL launches the first makeover tutorials using the Google Glass. Due to the fact that beauty tutorials are ever so popular, YSL created an ingenious, luxurious method of make-up stylists being able to build their own tutorials using the up close and personal Google Glass method. This concept has begun in New York City and in London, England. The brand’s head make-up artists are unveiling the latest digital venture with the idea of filming 45 minute long makeovers through the eyes of the professional artist, literally. The brand’s mindset is that this experience will offer a unique tool for consumers, allowing them to replicate the make-up looks at home from a visionary perspective.
A YSL makeup artist gives a makeup tutorial wearing Google Glass.

A YSL makeup artist gives a makeup tutorial wearing Google Glass.

The timeless problem is arriving home, with a great makeover experience, wonderful products and not knowing how to recreate the look or on how to use the products properly. Yves Saint Laurent plans to change this epic dilemma, as consumers will receive an email of their tutorial, including before and after shots and a list of the YSL products that were used for the make-up look. The beauty brand’s motto for this new endeavor is to encourage consumers to elevate their make-up skills with no pressure on purchasing any of the products. Mixing technology, customer service and a forever learning experience, this approach will definitely be the new wave of the beauty future and also, possibly the best gift with purchase ever!

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