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Why Rihanna Should Stick to Singing

Rihanna, pop-star extraordinaire is good at many things: being a questionable role model, posting infuriating tweets and of course, singing. What she isn't so good at? Designing clothes. Celebrity clothing lines are becoming as common as H&M collaborations these days, and while a select few have gained praise from both consumers and critics (namely Victoria Beckham, Gwen Stefani and the Olsen twins) collections like Rihanna's for the fashion chain River Island remind us why celebrities should keep their day jobs - if they even have a day job, we're looking at you, Kim Kardashian. In lieu of a traditional runway presentation models took to platforms and podiums, giving the show a more concert-like feel. Being on time for fashion show has always been considered de rigour and Ri Ri made sure to show up an hour late for her nine-minute fashion debut. Once the VIPs were seated and the music started playing, out came the amazonian waifs with washboard stomachs and legs for days. And then there were the clothes, oh the clothes... Rihanna For River Island - Photocall - LFW F/W 2013 Heavy on nineties references and bared skin, most of the garments failed to impress, coming off try-hard, tacky and completely impractical for daytime wear. One would need Rihanna levels of confidence and a Rihanna body to pull of tiny bralettes as tops and skits made entirely of fishnet. A few looks - like a long white dress with a leg slit (of course) and a tropical print jumpsuit impressed, but ultimately couldn't save the show from disaster. Rihanna-RiverIsland1 Rihanna was on hand backstage, styling the models and offering her insights. Having no formal design or sewing training, it's hard to imagine that Rihanna did anything more than draw from her own wardrobe, point at pictures and select colours while the real designing was done by Adam Selman. After the show she was off to the Box in London with pals Cara Delevigne and Jourdan Dunn. "MAJAH" this collection was not. Rihanna+river+island

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