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Ways to Stay Healthy during the Winter Time

Now that the cold is here and our first snowfall is just around the corner, it is time to really start taking care of our bodies. Winter is the time for flu season, and we cannot afford to be sick and take time off work. We need to do our best and take care of ourselves during this season. Here are 10 simple and easy things to do to avoid getting sick this winter. 1. Wash your hands regularly. Germs spread so fast and now when everyone is coughing and sneezing, you do not want to be picking up anyone else’s germs, and you don’t want to be spreading your own. 2. Drink lots and lots of water. By drinking water throughout the day you will be keeping your body hydrated along with flushing out any bacteria you may have in your system. 3. Disinfect your phones at work and at home, daily. Spray some Lysol on your phone to kill any germs that may have been left behind. 4. Get lots of sleep. To avoid getting sick, or if you feel like you may be getting sick, try and get to bed early and get a full night’s sleep. (7-9 hours) 5. Don’t be a couch potato just because it is snowing outside. When the snow hits, we all like to stay inside and keep warm, yes this is good for night time, but our bodies need physical activity and sunlight. Get outside and have some outdoor fun, even if it is just a walk up to your local coffee joint. 6. Stay active at your gym. A lot of us don’t like to leave the house, and may even put a hold on our gym memberships, but your body still needs exercise, especially during the winter. It is a good way to sweat out any chance of getting sick. 7.  Eat your vegetables. 8. If you can, DON’T STRESS. This may be a long shot, but by stressing your body becomes weak and then becomes more inclined to catching a cold or the flu. By keeping your stress levels low, you have a better chance of not getting sick. 9. Take your vitamins. The best form of vitamins for the winter time is D-3. Take 1000 IU a day. If you do get sick and you have been taking your D-3, your body will get better faster. 10. When in doubt, take some Cold FX. If you feel anything coming on, or if you know that you were on the subway and someone coughed around you, start taking your Cold FX. It really does help prevent against colds and get rid of them faster.   Stay healthy this winter!!   By: Ashley Kyron

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