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Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2013: The Showstoppers

By:Emily Durham One of the most talked about fashion shows of the year, The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, returned in New York City for its annual sassy strut this past Wednesday. With explosions of British infusion, the variety of the lingerie is sure to be any woman’s cup of tea. The performers including Taylor Swift and Fall Out Boy; embraced the “British Blow out” portion of the show with over the top red, white and blue outfits. We were not expecting such a bold look from Taylor Swift seeing as she usually sports white or black basics, but we are happy to see her in something that isn’t entirely predictable. The queen of heartbreak pop rocked a bling-ed out British themed dressed, complete with a top hat. The other themes of the night like “Pink” and the final section, “Snow Angels” were as gorgeous as ever!   The showstopper for us, and probably every other person watching the show was, Candice Swanepoel. Candice, one of the most well-known VS models, looked like a million bucks...literally! Candice was chosen to showcase the whopping 10 million dollar “Fantasy Bra” and she did not disappoint! This painfully expensive masterpiece was absolutely jaw dropping with glimmering red and gold jewels!   It was no surprise that the 2013 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show was a great success and source of motivation to hit the gym! Tune in to CBS on Tuesday December 10th at 10pm EST, to catch the whole show!



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