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Victoria Beckham Collaborates with Esteé Lauder

Victoria Beckham is no stranger to makeup lines. Most recently, the Spice Girls alum worked with London-based nail bar and polish producer, NailsInc, in a colour collaboration everyone was dying to get their hands on (and dying to get on their hands). Since the success of Judo Red and Bamboo White, we’re sure Beckham has been approached by countless cosmetics companies to put her stylish twist on their brands.  And considering the NailsInc Nail Duo by Victoria Beckham was limited edition and impossible to find during its debut week (let alone a year later), the world needed her to accept one of those offers. Perhaps hearing our pleas, Posh confirmed that she has been working with Esteé Lauder on a limited edition collection. Titled Victoria Beckham Esteé Lauder, the new line is expected to hit worldwide shelves this September. While there has been no news concerning what the collection will comprise, one thing is for certain: it will bring a dash of that signature Posh spice. By Lindsay Cooper Banner photo of Victoria Beckham behind the scenes at Esteé Lauder. Photography courtesy of Esteé Lauder.

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