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Will You Fly, Stay In or Escape this Valentine?

By Lindsay Cooper Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, meaning there are only a few days left to scramble to plan the perfect day. While dinner and a movie is key, it’s getting a little stale (not to mention, making a reservation will prove difficult this late in the game). So, we’re here to help you plan a date as unique as your special someone.   iFly Toronto For that adventurous duo, iFly Toronto is an indoor skydiving venue offering training bundles for novices. Each package (ranging from $72 - $106) includes a debriefing, rental of all the necessary gear, and a minimum of two freefalls. While more daring couples might want to try jumping out of a plane, the cold Canadian climate means you will have to wait until long after Valentine’s Day for the right weather, but you can always train together indoors. ifly   Movie Night The laid-back couple can put a contemporary twist on dinner and a movie with Canada’s endless supply of at-home services. Bring the movie to you with the ever-broadening selection of streaming services. Try CraveTV, which specializes on television series’, for $4 a month; subscribe Shomi for $8.99 to watch the widest selection of HBO originals; or Netflix, which rings in at the cheapest Canadian option at $7.99 and offers exclusive programming. valentine Day Ideas For dinner, you can stick with classic delivery pizza, Just Eat, or Grubhub, or try something new, like Foodora. Previously Hurrier, Foodora can get you meals from over 245 local restaurants by bike, scooter, or other compact delivery systems. If you and your partner are as easygoing as your choice Valentine’s Day date implies, try the Uber cohort Uber Eats which, unlike its alternatives, does not offer a regular menu. Offering a cartes du jour, Uber Eats has an unpredictably rotating daily menu that they claim can be delivered in 10 minutes or less by an Uber driver. Unfortunately, because Uber Eats is still in its experimental development stages, their delivery hours and delivery pool remains extremely limited. Ste. Anne’s Escape For those in need of a romantic getaway, we recommend Ste. Anne’s Spa. An hour and a half east of Toronto, Ste. Anne’s was voted Canada’s favourite spa 2006-2014 by Spafinder and consistently ranks in the top 100 spas in the world. Looking to meet everyone’s needs, the spa offers day trips (which can be bundled to include transportation by train, if needed) to weekend-long trips. Purchase your services in a bundle to save, or add onto your package à la carte, like the Couple’s Massage package. Spend time between treatments and meals exploring the property, consisting of 400 acres of rolling scenery and fortress-like architecture from 1858. Ste. Anne’s accommodations, including seven free-standing cottages and 15 rooms in the main inn, are as relaxing as the spa treatments themselves.

Ste. Anne's Romance Getaway

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