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United States Ambassador Nikki Haley sways her way into International Conflict


She doesn’t just speak, she roars. The first woman of an ethnic minority, Nikki Haley, serves as the 29th and current United States Ambassador to the United Nations—and she’s not shying away from it.

Daughter of immigrants who moved to South Carolina from Punjab, India claimed her position by her authoritative voice in which was first put into practice as a former member of the South Carolina House of Representatives.

While her background knowledge in foreign policy originally lacked, Haley has made it her duty to exercise the qualities in what it takes to be one of the top nation’s diplomats, strongly focusing on a real-time international crisis. However, the delivery of her ‘focus’ is what strikes controversy.

Whether she’s blaming Iran of treachery due to a missile outbreak or shifting or accusing North Korea of negatively impacting her Independence Day barbeque, Haley’s reactions are unpredictable.

Recently, Haley threatened in ‘taking names’ ahead of a General Assembly debate on Washington’s acknowledgement of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, according to RT. Her drive was consistent, sending letters to UN members threatening them if they support a resolution opposing US judgement.

Later when referencing Trump's comment stating Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, Haley brushed dissatisfaction among Washington’s European and Arab allies—in which reject the US moving its embassy to Jerusalem—responding to CNN that “everybody said the sky was going to fall. So Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, the sky's still up there. It hasn't fallen.”

Refusing to back down, Haley strikes again, informing the Defence Intelligence Agency that the US was in the possession of ‘undeniable’ evidence instigating Iran’s guilt in supplying Houthi rebels with missiles and other dangerous equipment.

In response and after careful analysis, UN experts concluded that there, in fact, was no evidence dictating that Iran is the guilty supplier.

Targeting Iran seems easy for the ambassador. On the flip side, keeping her promise, Haley steers away from discussing the chaos involving the military campaign in Yemen—branded as one of the world’s traumatizing humanitarian disasters.

Haley vowed to protect Israel from global bullying back in January. That promise could be looked at as questionable considering her priority in serving the interests of the US could potentially be compromised, especially due to high-rise conflicts. Although she has succeeded in silencing her thoughts on issues revolving around Saudi thus far, that commitment may reach a deadline.

Whether on your side of the argument or not, Haley always comes in with a fight and this is only the beginning.

By: Vera El-Timany

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