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UN rights chief will not tolerate “current geopolitical context”; won’t seek second-term in the office


The UN High Rights Commissioner Zeid Ra'ad Hussein has not been impressed with the global political environment, leading to his decision that he will not be seeking second-term in the office.

The triggering factor was US President Donald Trump's move in recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's capital, which has been attempted by violent force. Hussein criticized this initiative, stating that it was "dangerously provocative" and goes against "international consensus." The UN rights chief further asserts that the Trump has been trying to reshape the global political context, which has not been very fond of. He believes that America's new foreign policy omits human rights and "reintroduced torture as a tool extract information".

Trump at the UN General Assembly. Image courtesy of CNBC.

On Wednesday, Trump had threatened UN members who would vote against his decision of the Jerusalem move. Despite this, measure to counter the US leader's resolution was passed after the majority of the United Nations members states were in favour.

Hussein said he will be promoting the Universal Declaration of Human Rights through "mobilization and defiance, pushing back the many trends across the world during his final months in the office.

By: Franz Tabora

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