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Two Worlds Colliding: Apple hires CEO of Yves Saint Laurent

By Roxanne Bildan   Two of the best worlds are about two collide. High fashion and high tech. Picture it. Apple hires Paul Deneve, former CEO of Yves Saint Laurent, to work on special projects for CEO Tim Cook. In fact, Deneve is returning to the iPhone inventor after working for Apple in Europe during the 1990s. Deneve has also been the CEO of Lanvin and Nina Ricci prior to joining Yves Saint Laurent. But just what plan does Apple have in mind for Deneve? Not much has been specified, but certainly his skills and experience with selling luxury goods may come in handy for the future of Apple. Accordingly, Apple has claimed that Paul Deneve will not be filling in the shoes of any vacant jobs in the retail operation; they have other “special” jobs for him. Whatever it is, sounds chic tech to me! So, as Paul Deneve says au revoir to Yves Saint Laurent, the world welcomes a bright new future for Apple!

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