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Toronto Restaurant Review – Bent

If you are living in Toronto and enjoy food then there is no question you haven’t heard of Susur Lee. He is an Executive Chef who is known for his high-end restaurants around the city, such as Lee. The newest restaurant, Bent, has opened up on Dundas Street West. The cozy corner that the restaurant is situated on, has lots of art on the walls and antiques behind the bar. The atmosphere is clean and neat but with childlike touches. The Lee sons, Levi and Kai, have taken in their father’s footsteps in the restaurant world and together have come up with Bent. Although Lee was in charge of the menu the two sons had a hand in helping to plan it. The overall menu presents you with various ways of preparing and serving raw fish; from ceviche, to sushi and of course raw fish. The chef who is well known when it comes to Asian fusion cooking has added in his personal touches throughout the menu. The menu includes dishes such as smoked cod wrapped in miniature taro tacos ($15), Tartare, which is prepared in two different ways, spicy tuna with avocado and salmon with shallots and capers ($10). For a heavier meal, there are braised short ribs with black garlic and parsnip puree ($22). Those are just a few of the ever tasteful menu options. Bent is for sure a restaurant that you should check out, just know that they do not take reservations, so it is first come first serve! (777 Dundas West, 647-352-0092)

Chicken Dumpling – filled with mushroom and leeks, goat cheese sauce, roasted chorizo and pesto
(photo credit: Lauren Wells)

Tuna and Watermelon Ceviche – shaved red onion, cilantro, crispy shallots, fresh citrus juice, rocoto chili
(photo credits: Lauren Wells)


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