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Topshop Under Fire For Mannequin Being ‘Too Skinny’

B0-muIFCMAA7ry_ Student, Becky Leigh Hopper, shared this photo of her friend next to a TopShop mannequin yesterday via Twitter. Both were not pleased with the appearance of the mannequin and 5,000 retweets later, a lot of other people aren't either. Comments such as "genuinely shocking. I thought I'd seen it all in relation to bad body image in fashion" and "this is shocking. so wrong in every way. Would love to hear a response from @Topshop". However, some comments that Hopper received were quite the opposite, stating that this photo was body-shaming skinny girls. Hopper told BuzzFeed: “That’s not the case at all. All shapes and sizes should be represented to young people, not just skinny.” This is not the first time Topshop has come under fire for their 'unattainable' body images. BHVg2HMCYAATfw3   Back in April 2013, Topshop was in the spotlight for this mannequin that many criticized as not promoting a healthy body image. Topshop has not yet responded to the recent photo circulating on Twitter.

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