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Our Top Product Picks for Healthy Summer Skin

It’s time to bid adieu to winter and welcome the much needed summer sun. Along with warmth, brightness and glow, the sun also brings the dreaded issue of dehydrated skin. Sometimes not even two litres of water are enough to counter the effects of dehydration on the skin. Thankfully cosmetologists have mastered the science of keeping the skin hydrated and supple despite the adverse effects of heat, UV radiation and pollution.   We bring you our list of top skin hydrants for 2015:   1)   HYDRATE MI BEAUTY ESSENCE by MIYU Teas and Beauty   This product fuses the freshness of a facial mist with the rich nutrients of a serum.  It moisturizes, providing an instant surge of hydration and enhances the skin textures. The revolutionary product has the goodness of wild pansies and sodium hyaluronate along with sought-after goji berries and mangosteen. For anyone who understands beauty and cosmetology the list of ingredients in this product should tell you why it’s a chart-topper.   Works well if: you do not reach the 8 glasses of water a day mark, consume high amounts of caffeine, travel for a living, and have to deal with dry climate.   Cost: $34   2)   SEA BUCKTHORN MIRACLE STICK by SIBU   The Sea Buckthorn Miracle Stick is definitely a miracle in the form of a compact rub-on-stick. With a consistency similar to that of a lip balm, the ethically manufactured product contains the healing power of Omega 7-rich sea buckthorn oils with shea and cocoa butters. The stick works wonders instantaneously on cracked/chapped skin, sunburns, and inflammatory conditions. The product is known for it is ability to bind and support the natural lipid barriers of the skin to protect from dehydration.   Works well if:  you have a demanding outdoors job, are prone to skin cracks and bruises.   Cost: $19.95   3)   REJUVENATING + HYDRATING FACE SERUM by Province Apothecary   Inside this intense looking 7ml product by Province Apothecary are the most amazing set of nutrients: apricot kernel oil, pumpkin seed oil, jojoba seed oil, avocado oil, grape seed oil, pomegranate oil, raspberry seed oil, sea buckthorn oil, calendula oil, rosehip oil, borage oil, GMO-free vitamin E, neroli, frankincense, German chamomile, and rose otto. This is a great product for before and after make-up rituals and works well as an essential for day and night-time beauty routines.   Works well: for all skin types.  If you’re not the type to carry a million products in your bag, this is your “one product does it all.”   Cost: $ 26   4)   C + AHA by SkinCeuticals   The SkinCeuticals’ C+AHA vitamin C activator is a two-in-one daytime antioxidant serum that helps with environmental protection and exfoliation of dull and dry skin. The treatment promises 15% pure vitamin C to neutralize free radicals and 10% hydroxy acids to exfoliate and smooth the skin making it younger from within.   Works well if: symptoms of ageing are creeping in earlier than expected, for difficult and dry skin, dull skin due to constant exposure to the sun.   Cost: $ 134  --- Photo by Shan Sheehan      

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