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Top 5 Summer Hair Looks

With summer's heat just around the corner, its time to jazz up your hair styles with simple yet stylish looks that keep hair out of your face when the sun's hot rays hit. These hair styles are easy to achieve at home with hairspray, bobby pins and hair ties. Check out these simple do it yourself looks that are perfect for summer.
Get this effortlessly chic look by curling the ends of your hair, adding a little bit of hairspray for texture and braiding the front end pieces. Finish it off with a couple of bobby pins to hold the braids in place. Add some texturizing spray to make it a more beachy look.
milkmaid braid
The milkmaid braid is a classic way to vamp up braids. To achieve this look simple divide your hair into two sections, braid both sections and use bobby pins to place the braids over each other on the top of your head. To make the look more loose and effortless pull out some loose pieces of hair around your face to make it look more undone.
The ponytail is the go to summer look for anyone who is short on time. Here's the perfect way to add a little more style to the otherwise simple ponytail. Just pull hair into a tight high ponytail and braid the ends. Add a little bow at the top for a girly look.
This style is another way to jazz up the simple ponytail look. Just like before, pull hair tightly into a high ponytail only this time add extra hair ties throughout your hair to achieve this sectioned off look.
The side braid is another easy and effortless style thats perfect for those extra hot days in the summer. Simply pull all your hair to one side, braid till the end and secure with a hair tie. To make this look more beachy gently loosen the braid and pull out small strands to make it look more undone. Add some hairspray for texture and your set for both day and night.

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