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Top 5 Back To School Backpacks

Written by : Anna Bandi   With  the month of September quickly approaching, for some of us it means just another 30 days of the regular 9 to 5 schedule but for others it means the beginning of a brand new year at school. Whether it be high school or university, the idea of going back to school is a daunting feeling. Don't we all wish we could just lounge at home without a care in the world for another couple of months? I sure wouldn't mind, but unfortunately, we have to face reality and get back into study mode. However, a little back to school shopping can ease the pain for us a little, am I right? Here's a list of SHE's top 5 back to school backpacks that will help you feel just a little bit better about the endless amount of studying to come.   Benson Back pack $88  

The Benson Back Pack is perfect for when your on the go and don't have time to think about your outfit matching. We all have those days when an extra 5 minutes of sleep is more valuable than getting ready for class. This easy to wear back pack comes in a grey army print that will make you look cool even if you just rolled out of bed.

  Lucas Backpack $62.50  

Another easy to wear back pack is the Lucas Back Pack by Stone + Cloth. Simple blue and white stripped pattern will match with just about anything, perfect for the lazy student in all of us. The angled front zipper also adds a little something extra to this minimalist pack.

  makio hasuike  

This one is for the Zooey Deschanel in all of us, bright fun and super cute. This orange and blue satchel is perfect for storing notebooks and those dreaded expensive textbooks we all need to cave in and buy. Designed by Milan based product designer Makio Hasuike, this will add the perfect amount of color and keep you smiling all day.


Feeling a little sophisticated? Then this is the perfect bag for you. Soft leather with  briefcase like fixture that will make heads turn when you walk by. This one is from Roots and is made from premium leather. Who said school couldn't get a little fancy right?

neil barett $1825

This one is for the fashionista in us all. This leather backpack with gold hardwear is gives you the ultimate chic and can we say bad ass look. It will make you look fearless and confident strutting your stuff like your on the runway, when in reality your probably late for class (It's okay, no one needs to know the truth).

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