To Wear Or Not To Wear ? – The Wedge

Toss or Keep the Wedges this Summer? By  Jennifer Naraine   A survey that consisted of a sample of 2,100 adult men—79% in relationships and residing in the U.S said they would typically notice what type of shoe their partners wear. The surprising (or not so surprising) fact is that 71% percent said wedges were the one shoe they would prefer not to see their partner wear.   wedge-heels   wedges collage       Among the other unfortunate footwear that made the "Least Attractive" list were:   Uggs 67%   Crocs 63%   Platforms 58%   Flip Flops 55%   Moccasins 49%   Ballet Shoes 37%   Kitten Heals 34%   Sneakers 25%   43% of these men had strong opinions about choosing what their partner wore outside the house. And while 52% of the men revealed they want their partners to choose their own style, 59% said they did not believe their partner had good taste.   And they say women are demanding?     Knowing the stats of this survey and hearing how vocal men were about their preferences in shoes, will most of you women put your wedges in the back of your closet this summer? Or will this survey not phase you in the slightest bit?    

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