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Thrifting Tactics

 By: Myrtle Jurado You know that one friend everyone has who always seems to have the coolest thrifted finds? And then you try to follow in her footsteps by going to your local Value Village in hopes that you'll find something equally as cool, but half the time don't even come close? Hey, we can help you with that! Here's the rundown on the things you need to keep in mind when you walk into your nearest VV: Don't be afraid to search through the men's section! The perfect "boyfriend shirt" could very well come from a boyfriend, although probably not yours if you're looking through the men's section. We always find the best oversized and grungy pieces there. Go with a friend who has an open mind. How annoying would it be if your friend shuddered after every piece you held up? Go with someone with similar tastes, or someone who can at least respect and appreciate your sense of style. Giant purse? Don't even think about bringing it in. Think about it - you're going to want to check out every item on a hanger, and that's going to take a whole lot of arm strength. Would you really want to be lugging around your entire life with you while  searching for the perfect top? Didn't think so. Bring a cross-body bag or a backpack to lighten the load. Make time and try everything on! Yeah, sometimes trying things on can be a real pain, but you have to do it! Just because the tag says it's a size medium, it's very possible that the previous owner shrunk it and it now fits like an extra-small. And if you're going to go on a serious hunt, don't give yourself a 30-minute time frame - that just won't cut it. Have some idea of what you're looking for, and look for things with DIY potential. Trying to find that special something from a huge pile of somethings is even harder when you don't know what you're looking for. Also, look for items that have some DIY potential. Looking for a cute denim vest but can't exactly find it there? Go through the denim jackets and when you find the perfect one, hack off the sleeves -- ta-da! Now you have a denim vest.   Overall, thrifting can be a very fun activity, especially if you're on a tight budget. Who says staying on trend requires a mountain of cash? Give your wallet a break and up-cycle some of your best thrift finds.

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