The Frenzy of 50 shades

After selling more than 60 million copies around the world and being published in 31 languages. 50 shades of Grey by E.L. James has created a new movement, more women are now getting involved in programs inspired by the trilogy of books. Many companies that carried this type of teaching saw a blooming once the book became a hit. People say that sex sells but it also rewarded those involved in the book by giving thousands of American and 170 Canadians from Random House Publishing Company, a massive bonus of $5000 as a “thank you” for a great year. In my opinion, after having read the books I don’t understand all the hype! The trilogy was poorly written and the story line is absurd bordering on immature. It is  based on a naive recent college grad who captivates the attention of a multimillionaire entrepreneur (Christian Grey). He introduces her to the world of S&M and because he's super rich, he can afford to give her anything she wants. Although there is nothings he wants; she only wants him. The writing is likened to that of a 14-year-old's journal about a high school crush. Christian Grey is everything a girl could want in a man, except he is sexually rough and has a few skeletons in his closet. It is one small story expanded into 3 lengthy novels. Chapters and chapters with graphic sexual situations is what keeps readers coming back for more. If that's not bad enough, the book is also based on fan fiction about the massive successful series Twilight written by Stephanie Meyer. Sigh. 1/5 stars  

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