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The Toronto Fringe Festival

Written By: Anoja Muthucumaru The 24th annual Toronto Fringe Festival begins July 4th in the Fringe Artist Alley located in the ever-alternative venue of the Honest Eds alleyway. Per usual we are sure to see theater goers gush with excitement over the array of shows and venues being used like the Tarragon, The Solo Room, Randolphe Theater, Annex Theater and much more being occupied by the Toronto Fringe movement for the next two weeks. Some interesting facts about the Fringe Festival: all the shows being performed are choosen from a random lottery. Last year The Toronto Fringe Festival received close to 700 applicants for 130 spots. The most admirable fact? 100% of the ticket prices go back to the artists. The Toronto Fringe supports Toronto's "starving" artists. The play Mohamoud, by Tara Grammy and Tom Arthur Davis, and Sex, Bollywood & Other Lies by Ashima Suri are plays dealing with South Asian themes. Personally I will be going to both, not because of the South Asian cast or content but because of the amazing story telling in the one woman show Mohmoud and the slapstick humor of the Bollywood romance portrayed in Sex, Bollywood & Other Lies There are also many other plays being shown in the two week festival including some well received Canadian and international plays like Temple of Khaos, Tinfoil Dinosaurs, Zack Adams: A complete history of Zack Adams, One in a Million, Help Yourself, jem rolls: TEN STARTS AND AN END, Peter n’ Chris and The Mystery of the Hungry Heart Motel, Tick, and much more. Good luck to all of us this Toronto Fringe finding all the little gems in big haystack of plays and activities. Finally, don’t miss out on the engaging Tent Talks. The Tent Talks have gathered up all the industry honchos to discuss and debate issues facing theater in Toronto and Canada.  It is sure to be an adventure so take a chance and explore the different worlds being showcased in the plays. For a program guide check out

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