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The Saree Trend for Spring 2013

By: Zahra Syed The saree, a traditional form of Indian dress, has been popular among celebrity red-carpet attire for quite some time. The fabric of the saree is typically up to six yards long, allowing lots of room for art and design to take over and manifest within the material. Hollywood trends are constantly incorporated into saree designs through their embellishment, sequence work, and use of colour. Manish Malhotra, known for his famous sari designs among the South Asian celebrities, has used many bold prints and colour on lightweight chiffon for his 2013 collection. Kajol-and-Karisha-Kapoor-in-Manish-Malhotra-Collection-at-Lakme-Fashion-Week-LFW-Summer-Resort-2013 Famous celebs such as Naomi Campbell and Elizabeth Hurley have been spotted wearing sarees numerous times. elizabeth-hurley-in-saree Creative draping of the saree has allowed for it to be worn in a number of different ways, and incorporate numerous styles. Customize your saree for a more modern look, everything from the blouse to the draping is changeable. Incorporate your culture and tradition with the widespread growth of South Asian fashion in the western world. Use your style pieces and incorporate them within the saree; such as hair chains, waits belts, belly chains and chunky jewellery. This is a great way to wear something different on a night out versus your typical wardrobe dresses. naomi-campbell-in-white-saree

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