The Power of Shock: “Abused Goddesses”

The latest ad campaign from Save our Sisters proves that shock remains the best way to get attention. The campaign, titled "Abused Goddesses" condemns domestic violence against women, showing imagery of Hindu Goddesses as victims of abuse. In India, violence against women is a growing problem, with over 244, 270 abuse cases reported last year alone. In the images, which used real models made up to look beaten, the message is simple, yet effective. Women are central figures in Hindu spirituality, yet so often fall victim to violence and abuse. It isn't acceptable for a country that reveres and worships females as Goddesses to be so unsafe for its female population. Powerful, indeed. The images have garnered global attention, a vital step forward in gaining public support and recognition for this devastating issue. To learn more about Save our Sisters, a non-profit initiative under Save Our Children India, click here.
Abused Goddess2

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