The Media Amidst the Chaos

By Eloise Alba Switch on the TV. Turn the radio up. Scan through your social media feeds. Or simply walk into your local coffee shop and pay heed to the conversations. Regardless, you’re certain to encounter a word, a phrase, or even a story on the tragic events that Boston is currently braving. After the Boston Marathon bombing, the city and its suburbs, universities, commercial centres, and transit systems have been subject to a lockdown—a large-scale manhunt for suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaey has prompted authorities to adhere to extreme precautionary measures. While the pursuit for the alleged bomber (car-jacker and killer) takes place in the streets, inside homes, the people of Boston are uniting—opening their homes to strangers, offering counsel to neighbours, and taking to social media to connect with fellow men. 971392-boston-bombing Hashtags such as #OpBoston #OneBoston and #Pray forBoston have flooded Twitter feeds. Facebook users have shared photos and looked to inspirational quotes to shed light on the affliction. The news has also showed its support—Fox 29’s Dawn Timmeney even went live to report on real-time Twitter and Facebook updates. With such adversity surrounding both the real world and blogosphere, the media faces the challenge of when and whether to revert back to “normal programming.” As a member of the media, it is our responsibility to inform our readers—to address, to account, and to update them on the topics and issues that encompass our publication. In light of recent events, we do so with a heavy heart (truthfully, how can one even begin to discuss Beyonce’s amazing concert costumes or report on the new Manish Arora store opening when the reminders of death and tragedy are omnipresent) but we do so because it is our duty. Secretary of State John Kerry, who is from Massachusetts, praised law enforcement for their work during “a pretty direct confrontation with evil” and then went on to add, “In the past few days we have seen the best and we’ve seen the worst of human behaviour, and it’s the best that all of us really want to focus on.” We focus on the good, we continue to show our support, and while we chronicle the crisis and developments on the Boston debacle, we shall, as well, recount worthy artistic collaborations and secret celebrity nuptials (Check out our next blog post for this.)

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