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No More Testing on Real Skin for L’Oreal

Cosmetics giant L'Oreal has announced its plans to 3D print human skin for conducting its toxicity and irritability tests. Since the 1980's, L'Oreal has been known to push the limits when it comes to testing technology and even runs a factory-sized facility dedicated to this. Until now, they've been using real skin tissue donated by plastic surgery patients which are then grown into test samples using special nutrients and biological processing. This is done by 60 lab workers producing over 100,000 samples in nine different skins, out of which only half are used and the other half are sold. It's no surprise L'Oreal is the first to make this announcement, with the company spending twice as much of its revenue annually than is common in the industry on research and development. But with the new announcement, along with San Diego-based startup Organovo, L'Oreal is striving to be the first beauty company to have this technology under its belt. They will be opening up a new lab in California, and the research will be shared by the two companies. L'Oreal aspires to be the first company in cosmetics innovation, and has already secured  exclusive rights to the 3D skin it plans to produce in the future with Organovo. They have also obtained exclusive rights to the technology and samples that will be used in prescription drugs toxicity testing and medical tissue-related applications. As for us, we're super excited for this announcement of advancement in technology and innovation in the cosmetic world!

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