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Team GB’s Opening Ceremony Outfits: Who Is To Blame?

Stella McCartney may or may not be a fan of a gold and white colour combination, but when it comes to Great Britain's Opening Ceremony outfits, she wants no part of it. When initial criticisms surfaced, many were quick to blame McCartney for the Elvis -esque ensembles, causing Stella's team to issue the following tweet in order to set the record straight. "To clarify, Stella designed the Team GB performance kit, podium suit & villagewear, not the Olympic ceremony suits." We think that the outfits Stella McCartney did design looked great, and more importantly, they served their purpose, allowing the athletes to perform at their best. So who is to blame for the atrocious get-ups? That would be British retailer Next, known for affordable, no-frills ready-to-wear.  Although they didn't receive the expected accolades, some went as far as calling the outfits garish, the design team at NEXT was quick to defend their decision, saying they were "immensely proud of the design and quality" of the garments.

A patriotic Stella McCartney

The woes didn't not end there as Next faced another obstacle on their way to the Opening Ceremony. According to IOC rules, the uniforms donned by any athlete cannot bear political or advertising slogans. On the back of the team GB jackets was the phrase "Better Never Stops". Although harmless in meaning, the slogan was in direct violation of the rules, and the designers scrambled to cover up the writing with white tape, undoubtedly ruining whatever aesthetic appeal the garments did possess. In an act of solidarity, the athletes welcomed their outfits, Olympic Gold Medal Winner, Andy Triggs Hodge was quoted saying “The guys are really impressed with ceremony kit.  Believe me, they are a tough crowd to please and any praise is amazing!  We really can’t wait to wear it.” Perhaps they were just happy to be part of this magnificent event, regardless of what they had to wear.    

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