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Tavi and Apfel at the MET: Meeting of the Style Minds

  By: Frances Du When the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York announced that the exhibit Schiaparelli and Prada: Impossible Conversations would feature a live discussion between 90 year-old fashion icon Iris Apfel and 16 year-old style blogger Tavi Gevinson, the lecture “Good Taste/Bad Taste: The Evolution of Contemporary Chic” immediately drew the attention and curiosity of fashionable New Yorkers and they came out in droves this past Sunday to witness this powwow between two style-savvy minds. Despite still being in high school, Gevinson held her own against the vivacious Apfel as they touched on topics like how they decide on what to wear in the morning to what they think about Prada’s personal aesthetic. Apfel even offered this spectacular zinger. When asked about the “mad scientists of couture” such as McQueen and Martin Margiela she insisted there was “no sense to pay a fortune and end up looking like a freak….basically, no matter how far out you want to be I think a woman still wants to look attractive. I can look ugly on my own and it won’t cost me a penny!” But the point both speakers wanted to stress was that the key to good taste is to dress for yourself since it’s an “opportunity to create your own fantasy” and also a chance to find others who are willing to partake in this fantasy land despite how bizarre or strange it might seem to everyone else says a serene-faced Gevinson. This is the kind of positive advice you can also find in Gevinson’s own magazine, Rookie, which is aimed towards teenage girls. Sections include “Dear Diary” and “Eye Candy.” My personal favourite? “Ask a Grown Man.”

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