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Sweden Streetstyle

By: Sara Radjaian Sweden is rapidly becoming a fashion powerhouse. The majority of Swedish young people are often well dressed and you get a lot of inspiration from their styles. They mix everything from H&M to high-end designers. Their style is neither haute-glamour or posh maximalism, but rather  a unique minimalism. Swedish bloggers are quickly becoming international taste-makers, rising to prominence in our digital fashion age. Here are a few street style looks for the country's top bloggers.

Angelica Blick

blogger, www.modette.se

Liza Berggren

Model and blogger, www.lizabes.blogg.se


Natalie Karlsson

Blogger, www.nojesguiden.se/nataliekarlsson

Amanda Berg

Fashion director, www.modette.se

Karin Bylund


Frida Johnson

Blogger, www.modette.se

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