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How To Survive Toronto Fashion Week

Image via It’s time to pack your purse and catwalk to the David Pecaut Centre for the World MasterCard Fashion Week in Toronto. This week is going to demand long hours and sleepless nights. Guests and press bustle from show to show, as ladies try not to trip in their heels. Members of the SHE Canada team share their survival kit to avoid the ‘fashion flu.’ Tracy Mohamed, Assistant National Account Director Sleep! Make sure you have a proper night of sleep because it is a long day! Body Shop eye concentrator helps to revive tired eyes. This maintains a fresh makeup look throughout the day. A cute outfit (obviously!) Comfy shoes. My phone or camera, backdrops and a photographer. Why not? The photographer can take photos of me. The Fashion Week schedule! It’s the main itinerary! Definitely coffee. Someone fun to go with, even if it’s a co-worker you will enjoy the experience together. Business cards to network. Know how to take the TTC!   Harpreet Brar, Associate Editor Maybelline's Creamy Mattes Lipsticks - No matter how worn out you get during Fashion Week, no one will be able to tell with these lipsticks that never fade. The Body Shop's travel size Coconut Hand Cream. Comfortable Fall booties - The rain in October always seems to get the best of us. Rings. Any and all. An oversized cardigan to feel completely chic and completely cozy. My Samsung phone camera and Instagram of course. How else will anyone know what's going on during Fashion Week?   Fandah Kalboneh, Marketing and Editorial Contributor A dress. Efficient from day to night. It’s easy to wear a one-piece than worry to mix and match with two different items. Classy-looking jumpsuits are also preferred as your easy-to-wear this week. Maybelline Bouncy Blush and Blistex lip balm. Revives the appearance of your tired ghoul look. Smile! Speaking of smiling, there will be sweet treats given around. You wouldn’t want to smile with cookie crumbles or chocolate chip bits stuck in between your teeth. Carry Wisps disposable mini toothbrushes and avoid those cavities! Prada tote bag. The queen of handbags (or at least for what’s in my closet). A quality bag dresses up your entire look. Heels you can walk in! Mophie. This portable charger will fuel up my drained iPhone because I can never put my phone down during an event like this. Make sure you have enough storage to take as many photos! Shellac manicure and pedicure. Apply once and the application does not wear out fast like how other nail polishes do! Your nails will look perfect for weeks! Tim Hortons card. Don’t forget what food is during the busy hours. Personal favourite: chocolate dip donut and strawberry Greek yoghurt. And most importantly, stay hydrated! Keep drinking water.   Aly Zorn, Marketing and Editorial Contributor We all know fashion week is hectic and we look are best when we’re rested. To avoid looking like a devoid caffeine addict sleep is essential. Aim for at least 6 to 8 hours a night. Another way to keep your look fresh and lively is MAC Pro Long wear lipcreme in “Positively Dashing.” A bold lip can really transform your look. Instead of enduring the pain of sore feet this year opt for a chunky bootie like Vince’s Laird Boots. You still get some height and you look like you could care less, which is one of fashion’s greatest accessories. Any type of camera. Whether it’s your phone, a point and shoot or a Canon, just have a camera! Let’s be real. A leather moto jacket because if I’m being honest life is just a 100 times cooler when you wear one, especially at Fashion Week. As a fashionista myself I know it’s hard to be on time and contrary to popular belief it is not fashionable to be late so you may end up rushing around. Bring Quo Oil Blotting Papers to wick away any sweat, but leave your makeup intact. Wear a few sprits of your favourite perfume like, Daisy by Marc Jacobs. Odds are you will be talking to a lot of people and will be in close proximity. It doesn’t matter how good you look, people WILL remember if you smell funny. You may have your photo taken by a blogger or publication so make sure to smile. Leave the seductive lips to the pros on the runway and avoid the horrid duck lips. If you’re set on looking modelesque practice the non-smile in the mirror first… I’m being serious, know your angels!

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